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Can Dynatrace monitor Microsoft Navision


Hello team, Does Dynatrace support Microsoft Navision and maybe someone have experience with monitoring this solution.

Thank you


Community Team
Community Team

Hello Nikolay!

Here you can find the documentation page with all the all environments, technologies, and versions supported by Dynatrace:

Microsoft Navision isn't listed on this page, so as far as I know, there is no support for this technology yet.

If you have any questions about the Community, you can contact me at


Hi Nikolay,

When googling around (wikipedia is your friend), it seems that in the old days Navision was built in C/AL, but it has been ported to .Net. So if you are talking about a local installation of Navision, you would stand a chance to see the workings in Dynatrace. However, it might still use old code blocks from the past which will not be instrumented.

So you could give it a try, and it’s quite likely that you would see the majority of actions in Dynatrace.

If you are talking about saas based navision365 I guess you are in less luck.

Did you already try to instrument your environment and did it work? I’m very curious because I also got a question from a prospect.



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