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Can dynatrace oneagent be installed with splunk client




When I try to install OneAgent and splunk in the same machine, the splunck service is interrupted.


<timestamp> <servername> kernel: traps: splunkd[23658] trap invalid opcode ip:7f58e3a342fb sp:7ffd7c8dec80 error:0 in[7f58e3a1f000+85000]
<timestamp> <servername> splunk: ERROR: pid 23658 terminated with signal 4 (core dumped)


What can be done to fix/workaround it?


Thank you in advance.


Best Regards,



Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

This is strange - as I have certainly installed OneAgents on servers with Splunk without issue. I would recommend opening a Support Ticket to dive deeper into this issue:

ACE Consultant, Dynatrace Services
Dynatrace Certified Professional

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

We currently use both on multiple hosts without issues. Curious, are you seeing this on a specific OS such as Windows or Linux or both?

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Dynatrace ONE sent out a notification to customers today on what I think might be related to your issue.

Are you using Splunk v8.2? 

Through our proactive monitoring and analysis of OneAgent triggered alerts, we found a potential incompatibility between Dynatrace and Splunk after upgrading to Splunk 8.2.
With this update, Splunk is taking advantage of the LD_PRELOAD capability in Unix systems to load shared libraries used for their application before other libraries are loaded. Splunk 8.2’s implementation of LD_PRELOAD causes conflicts with Dynatrace OneAgent’s use of similar functionality that may cause stability issues with Splunk. Note that Dynatrace OneAgent has been using this type of functionality for a number of years, following best practices and security standards to avoid potential conflicts and impacts with other monitoring solutions.


You can find more info on it here -

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