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Can't we enable deep monitoring for processes that show under technology type Others


We have some important application processes which are detected by Dynatrace but status is unmonitored. When I go to the process group details I do not find option to turn on/off monitoring for those process.
One important thing, these process are detected under technology type Others. Is that because Dynatrace does not have official support for those.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Basically yes, only technologies that have modules specifically for them will provide you that deep code-level visibility and more than just basic process metrics. Mainly these are Java, .NET, NodeJS, and PHP. Web Servers also have more visibility, to view all of the supported technologies you can check here:

You can always post an idea/RFE to see if a given tech is popular enough to possibly have support added in the future.


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