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Can two tags have the same name?

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I want to add a tag to two buttons of different flows but in the end the have the same functionality, can the be tagged in each flow with the same name? 


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Tag name Must be Unique but Values don't need to be. For Example, it you name a tag "Application" and give it value: EasyTravel, you can tag multiple entities with that tag, but you cannot create a new tag called "Application" again. You can however add additional rules that include other values such as "NotSoEasyTravel" for a Value of "Application" 




Ensuring tag "KV" uniqueness per entity would be a desirable feature. However, from my own experience - managed/offline cluster", there's no enforcement and nothing can stop me to duplicate tags with the same key and same or different values. I just posted a question a minute or so ago specifically about how to differentiate auto-applied vs custom tags precisely to avoid/delete duplicates.







If you hover over the tag, you will get a tool tip that says the origins of the tag, If it came from the Environment, Azure, was manually applied or automatically applied. 


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