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Charts shows "No data for the selected timeframe of..."


I have a custom chart on a dashboard containing a calculated service metric and the chart shows "No data for the selected timeframe of 2h (Today, 15:33 - 17:33). Try adjusting the timeframe.  I changed it to "Last 365 days" and I still see no data.


The metric listed on the chart was created in an analysis view when there clearly was data in the system.


Can someone give me direction on how to debug this situation?  Thanks,






DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Can you share a screen capture of what it looks like. also make sure you check if there is a Management Zone Set on your view. As a selected Management Zone might not have Synthetics included in its scope.


Under dashboard settings Management Zone is set to All.  I did notice when I edit the settings and try to give it a default MZ the only option in the select list is All.  Seems like there should be a list of MZs to pick from.  So, maybe I am not able to access an MZ.



So to select a Management Zone that is already created, can be done by clicking the Funnel up by the time frame selector. 



With no MZ Set, you will be able to see everything assigned to you. If you have admin permissions, you can go to the Management Zones via Settings>Preferences>Management Zones.



You can always click the Preview button to ensure your Services/Synthetics and/or entities that you are looking for have been included in the MZ rule. 

If you are not an admin, you might need to reach out to one for this.  


I added a MZ for the host where my traffic is sent and I used that MZ on the dashboard where the chart containing the CSM.  Still no data.  We just had a team meeting on our migration to DT Managed and I had a couple other folks try the same process.  They were not able to see any traffic either.



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