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Count the number of times the API has been hit by a particular service



We have a requirement to count the number of times an API has been hit, the thing is that API is called by many services so how can we count the no of times it has been hit by that particular service ?

Is there any way we can do it through a Request Attribute or any way around ?

After the API is hit it produces a request response.



its more like a workaround but, 

if you don't know everything about the service (headers, body, etc..) to do it with request attributes or you can make a service with the classes. 

something that you can use there is capture the body with the bizevents. in this way you can validate. and create a ingest rule and a metric with it. 

or you can capture the referrer sometimes this work to know who its calling.


fuelled by coffee and curiosity.

We do have a request body, which is generated after the API has been hit.

We have all this data given in the image.




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