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Create business KPI about customer order


Hi all,

I need help to understand if it'is possible trace the end to end of a customer order and built a business kpi about the number of order broken or freeze in a specific state.

I saw the possibility to monitor all services that the order pass but i don't understand how to built some business kpi about it.

There is some example or someone did something of similar with the all in one dynatrace?

I'm new in dynatrace world


Thank in advance for the support.



Thank you very much Babar. I read and i think this article is what i need. Only one question more: After this instrumentation it's possibile define custom metrics as it's possibile in the log viewer.

I know my answer can be for very dymmies but i'm discovering Dynatrace only now. I knew a little bit the old AppMon.


Thanks in advance for you precious support


Thanks a lot

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