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Custom events for alerting


Hi Team

We are trying to send a custom alert to ServiceNow that contains the Kubernetes namespace as well as the Kubernetes pod name as part of the payload.

At the moment, the custom alert does not return the Kubernetes namespace as part of the parameters that can be sent as part of the description payload.

This in turn will not be sent via a placeholder in the ProblemsJson_V2 payload when an event gets triggered in the Integration to ServiceNow.

We need the namespace to trigger an auto remediation.

We need assistance in understanding if this information can be retrieved in the custom alert in any way.


Dynatrace Promoter
Dynatrace Promoter



While putting placeholders in the custom event description will result in that data showing up in ServiceNow you can also add additional details in the problem notification settings.


In the case of Kubernetes Namespace, I would suggest creating an automated tag that uses the {ProcessGroup:KubernetesNamespace} placeholder that will create a namespace tag on every kubernetes entity. From there if you configure your problem notification to send through tags then the namespace will appear in your description.

Problem Notification Rule.PNG

Auto tagging Rule.PNG

  Tags in Additional Info.PNG

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