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Custom service configuration - no option for automatic method detection?


Our microsservices are .NET services, built on our own microservices framework. They do not use a framework that dynatrace detects automatically, meaning we need to configure each service manually.

Each microservice exposes an HTTP interface (which is not something dynatrace detects automatically).
Each service has a main entry point that implements an interface which is the service public interface. Ideally i would like to mark this interface as the entry point, so that all methods on it will be tracked and I won't need to manually configure each method when the service interface changes (as there are many services and many changes). (Actually, ideally the whole thing should be automatic, not needing to configure the service and interface manually).

Is there a way to do this? Or do we need to configure the entry points manually in dynatrace each time a method is added?



Actually there's a very simple option that I'm surprised is not possible. Each process is a separate service. All I need is an option to treat a process group as a service. (So process MyService.exe will be considered a service MyService).
Is there no option to do that?

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

FYI - you can define Custom services also on your (abstract) interfaces, it's not limited to classes.

As long as your microservice framework includes an abstract interface that all your services have to implement, then just define your custom service on this interface. It's also process group bound, so you if your microservices are in different process groups, you will have to define it in every one.

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