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DB Locks, Blocking etc



We have a shared MS SQL Server 2012 with over 20 databases running. We have the OneAgent running as Infrastructure monitoring mode. We get helpful information from the Host level - I would like to get much deeper understanding of the Locks page is - How would I know the locks shown represents which DB.

Thank you



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

you can do this via the Multidimensional Analysis chart - let me know if you need any assistance setting this up:


@Chad T. Thank you for looking into my post and responding. I would love to see if you can provide more details. Thank you once again!

so you might need to go full stack for full monitoring, but go to Diagnostic tools, and select "Create Analysis View"

From there select the metric you are interested in, the aggregation and the dimension if need and you can also filter the results if you are not using management zones.


Thank you for sharing the details. We would like to be on the Infrastructure as these servers could exceed 64GB RAM which doesn't meet the ROI for the licenses. We are looking at building a custom plugin that will pull the details. Thank you for your help though

understandable - you might still be able to do this at an infrastructure only level but im not 100% sure. WE all have been there trying to get the host out of our host units


Are you aware of the 1 Host Unit cap on Infrastructure only agents? You should verify with your sales contact to see if this can help.

Thank you - yes we are aware of 1 host unit cap on the Infrastructure mode regardless of the amount of memory allocated.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

When you are talking about SQL Server DB locks, I believe you are talking about this screen:

The locks in this screen are not related to the locks that are available in Dynatrace, namely through Method Hotspots. It would be great though to have more details in which DB invocations are involved in these locks.

Antonio Sousa

@Antonio S. Yes I am referring to this page. We have multiple COTS products where we can’t instrument via OneAgent. We need to monitor the DB systems and we need different monitoring software.

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