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DDU, DEM, Host Unit, Application Security Units and CAU (Cloud Automation Unit) Billing metrics


I would like to build a dashboard to measure our license usage for:

Host Unit,

DDU (including cloud log forwarding usage, how do I differentiate?),

CAU (Cloud Automation Unit),


Application Security units.


Is this possible? If so, how?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

In DataExplorer/Metrics look for metrics starting with "builtin:billing". They can be used to construct graphs with DDU/DEM usage, with DEMs being shown as sessions & synthetic actions. They can then be shown in dashboards.

For the remaining, there is not an easy way to pin them to a dashboard, at least that I know of.

Antonio Sousa

Thank you @AntonioSousa . Do you know what the metric names are for Cloud Automation Units, Host Units and Application Security Units?


Regarding Metrics, I believe none of the 3 you cited are available.

From the API, for what I know, the ASUs & CAUs are still not available. For HUs, check the following post, and look for "consumedHostUnits":

An important aspect is that if you are using Managed, than there are more possibilities with this API:

Antonio Sousa

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