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Dashboard Hosts Not Showing in Tile


We have a dashboard that uses the hosts tile. It shows the number of hosts for the specified timeframe. We have been taking screenshots of the dashboard to keep track of the number of hosts shown on the host tile and have noticed that when we rewind the timeframe, it does not match the screenshots. For example, we have a screenshot from April 14th, that shows the host tile on the dashboard showing 23 hosts. However, when we access the dashboard as of today, May 18th, and rewind the timeframe to a period that includes April 14th, we don't see the at least 23 hosts, we only see 4 hosts. What is the reason for this discrepancy?


Could this possibly be caused by uninstalled OneAgents? If so, does that mean when you uninstall a OneAgent, Dynatrace removes all traces of that host ever existing?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

What are the Hosts? PaaS - IaaS - NODES - VMWare - OnPrem/Physical? can you share the screen shots? 


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