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Database calls are not visible for 1 backend application, configured in Dynatrace one agent.


I have installed one agent on one server, which runs 1 application which is having only backend threads, I am able to monitor the processes running on that but database calls are not visible on Dynatrace console. The same database is used the by 1 end user application which is already under monitoring. But that existing database is showing calls related to that end user application not related to that new bakend application.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hello Jyoti,

For what I understand:
- DB calls are just seeing if they are done by one End User Application.
- DB calls triggered by other backend process are not being detected/showed

Dynatrace will show the DB call based on sensors that are placed at Application Server level. So if you are using Java, OneAgent will put sensors on JDBC (In .NET will be ADO.NET, etc).
The information that will be showed in Dynatrace is based on those sensors, so response time, failure rate, queries... everything based on the Application that is doing the invocation to the DB under a supported technology (if your application is developed in Python, for example, it won't show out of the box those queries).

So to see where the problem can come, we need first to know the technology of those backend process that are calling to the DB. Also, can you see Purepaths generated by those backend process?(so seeing all the Purepath tree but missing the calls to the DB)?


Here you can see the supported technologies

And the information about how Dynatrace is monitoring Databases

Once this issue is solved, you can enhance the DB monitoring visibility by enabling some plugins (based on the DB technology). Since Oneagent is retrieving information from the AppServer, you may want to have also specific DB metrics, the plugins will retrieve that information.


Hi Rodrigo

Yes, Your understanding is correct, But applications are using same database. And Database calls for Frond end application is visible but for backend its not. It is using Java technology. Purepath tree is also not showing that DB calls.

Kindly suggest.


In the BackEnd service, do you see Purepaths ? If you do, where the purepath should call to the DB? Do you see any invocation to methods like getConnection(), prepareStatement…?

If not, your application may be using a non standard framework to invoke the DB

I checked the purepath also, there is no DB calls. Please check attached screenshot for same.


From this view we see the services detected, clearly no DB call has been detected. Click on the top one and you will be able to see the code invoked, try to see if there if a trace of the code where it is supposed to call to the DB.
If still you cannot see nothing, try to go to Analyze Tab and select Methods hotspots, it could give you more insights in methods invoked in that execution. Let see if with this, you can see any trace of where the DB should be invoked.

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