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Deep monitoring of nginx

I get the below error. I am interested in all nginx monitoring that dynatrace can do. I am running the latest oneagent version on ubuntu 18.04
OneAgent version -
nginx version - 1.19.8
Activation of deep monitoring was unsuccessful
Your Nginx build is not supported. The binaries are not listed in the Dynatrace repository and the OneAgent could not find debug symbols. Details on supported Nginx binaries can be found here: Dynatrace supported environments and versions
Why is it not working? Is there something I can do to get the deep monitoring to work?

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

as the message says - your build is not supported. NGINX is a native binary and compiled statically. OneAgent hooks on known symbols in NGINX.  Not sure what is your build you have several options:

  • use an nginx build with debug symbols
  • use a known nginx build (from known repository)
  • ask Dynatrace to support your build


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