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Deploying Dynatrace Oneagent on GCP VM instances

Hi All,


We are trying to deploy/install Dynatrace Oneagent on VM instances running in my Production environment. Everything in the infrastructure was built using IaaC using Terraform and we are not allowed to SSH into the machines and then install Oneagent.


Has anyone tried this using automation tools like Terraform? I am trying to understand what the code will look like if we have to deploy Oneagent on all the instances.

I understand It's a vague question but if anyone has done it before, that would be very helpful.


Best Regards,




hi agrawal_shashan


until i know there is not a terraform script provided in the documentation.

but you can allways do a remote exec in terraform like this


there is some examples from others users, did you allready try this ?



fuelled by coffee and curiosity.

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