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Do Purepath limitations (node and time) still apply on Dynatrace?

In AppMon we had the 10K node limit or 10 minutes before a purepath was considered corrupt. Does that also apply in some way for Dynatrace?

We are looking at the possibility to instrument a batch server with a OneAgent. Maybe we need to define custom entry points, but that's not an issue. Typically batch processes run a long time and generate a lot of nodes. I would like to know about the limitations before we go further.




it is not recommended but you can:

increase the 10 min limit

prevent purepaths from timing out you can do the already mentioned 2 ways.

-Increase time out limit -->

-Prevent omitting timed out pathes --> -Dcom.dynatrace.diagnostics.realtime.omitTimedOutPurePaths=false"

10k node limit

"In order to increase maximum node per PurePath go to the DT Server
and navigate to DT_HOME/server/conf/server.config.xml and edit this
file. In this file you will see:

<purepath maxnodes="100000" />"

Hey Kay,

I think you described the ways to go around it for AppMon. But my question was about the new Dynatrace. Does that still apply there?

According to my opinion, this is not possible in the new Dynatrace.
Collecting data works in a completely different way than in AppMon.

/ I also think that the above change configuration to AppMon /

Have a nice day!


Hi Bert,

I just checked some batch-jobs in a Dynatrace SaaS environment, and found jobs with complete purepaths that ran for more than 1 hour (Message Driven Bean). So, without knowing the exact max duration, it's more than 1 hour 🙂



PS. I also hope for a response with the exact values....

Dynatrace Certified Professional

Thanks Sjoerd. Makes sense indeed as we now have "service" level while appmon had purepath as deepest.

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