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Does Dynatrace captures request&response times of the couchbase queries ?

hi All,

From the supported technologies we can see that dynatrace recognizes CB automatically and show the Cluster metrics depicted in the below link.

But we have been asked to check if dynatrace captures the request/response times and executions from Applications <---> Couchbase whihc can be charted per Application/service.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

According to this part of mentioned page:

Yes, you should see metrics fo each DB statements. To see it you have to have agents on all systems that communicates with your couchbase DB (Dynatrace captures SQL's from application endpoint). Then you should see auto created database service that contains all transaction level measurements. If don't see it anyway, it is possible that tronascion level monitoring of your application is not complete and you need to create custom services that will be containers for your purepath and transactions.


Regards, Sebastian

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