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Dynamic Web Request and Resource Requests - Dynatrace SaaS



I am using Dynatrace SaaS, in that i noticed that below screenshot. In that dynamic web request and Resource request showing when we see the details of particular process running in the host.

Both shows different values for Response Time, Throughput, CPU and Response Time.

How is calculated for these metrics for these 2 request type. How it will be helpful for our analysis. Anyone help me to understand. Thanks in advance!


Soorya Mohan



It looks like the View Resource Requests shows you all resources needed to create the web page such as jpg files, css, etc. However, I noticed these two selections (i.e. View Resource Requests/View Dynamic Requests) are only available when the service is something like an apache server (for example webrp0335:8080). However, when the service is an actual service (for example UserValidationService) you do not get either of those buttons. Instead you get a View Request button.

I think if the discussion could continue in terms of the difference between: View Dynamic Requests vs View Requests, this would be helpful for both Soorya and I.

And also in addition could someone help me why webrp0335:8080 is being considered a service. If I click on Dynamic Request from it I will see many request types none having to do with simply hitting webrp0335:8080?



note: I will submit that last question in a separate forum so it gets some visibility on its on merits.


I am looking for same answer... i see this info in the last tiles when i pin a service to a dashboard:

Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast
Web request services usually serve only/mainly static content (pages or resources), and web services will serve dynamic content. An example would be an HTML page that is coded and saved as "static" and something generated based on the request (like when you do a Google search and get different results based on the search term) as dynamic.

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