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Dynatrace API for Splunk Integration -- Filtered by Request Attribute


I am currently trying to push request attribute data to Splunk for additional reporting not currently offered in Dynatrace. I've created a request attribute on a request called login that contains a messageType parameter in the Referer field. If this value = loginFailed, I count that as a failed login. The multidimensional chart is filtered on login request and failed login request attribute. Using the Dynatrace API, I am able to push the service method request count of the login, but I cannot find an option to filter those by the request attribute. Is this possible?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hello John.

If I understand you correctly you would like to retrieve some information with the REST API, filtering by Request Attribute. This is currently not possible.

I recommend you stay up to date with the notes of new releases, just in case there will be any changes on this topic


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