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Dynatrace Associate Exam


Hello All, 


I've just failed my Associate exam ☹️. It turns out that the taste of the exam which was provided in the Dynatrace University is not similar to the one in the exam. I found it the questions was a bit challenging. 

I guess i need to go thru again all the documentation and seat for the exam again. Hopefully this time will ace it!. 

If you guys have any tips/advise or study materials that you guys can share please do share here. It would really help me. Thanks. 


By the way i just want to ask regards to the email which i received. It mention that if this is my first attempt, i must wait for 3 days to re-take the exam. Does it mean i still can re-take the exam without paying again the exam which is 200usd ?. 

If i can re-take the exam without paying again, how many attempt that is allowed for this exam ?. 

Appreciate your help on this. 





Afrezal karim


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

no worries, here is a link to a community post on the exam prep:



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