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Dynatrace Log Monitoring

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Dear Team,

We are facing issue while configuring log monitoring(error part we need to detect inside log), we have enabled single host log monitoring but not able to select the log file path under host perspective and Process group perspective.

InkedLog Monitoring 1 Process group Prespective.jpgInkedLog Monitoring 1.jpgLog Monitoring 2.PNG

It is not allowing to select and it is saying (File not monitored anymore)

But it is allowing and auto select for oneagent related log.

So kindly suggest accordingly.

Thanks in Advance!

Dharmender Singh 🙂


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @dharm_0101,

Have you verified the Maximum ingest of Log Events value according to the documentation?

(This applies to the DT Managed environment.)

Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 15.18.24.png

Please see also for additional log monitoring configuration options:

Have a nice day!

Thanks Radek.

Actually we are using DT SaaS

Hi @radek_jasinski ,

Actually we need to monitor Some log file content like mentioned below. So we have log filesystem path and need to check 4 mentioned lined keywords in log, and whenever DT will find these keywords DT will alert this is the requirement. 



If you are using DT in SaaS then I recommend using Grail to create the appropriate queries to perform log entry validations. This is the best option, much better than Classic Log monitoring.


Have a nice day!


Thanks for suggesting Grail. 

But is it possible to do it via Classic Log monitoring?
If yes kindly suggest how will achieve it?

You can create metrics and events based on Log Monitoring Classic:

Unfortunately, you won't be able to create as advanced analytics as with Grail (and I recommend using Grail).

As for the visibility of log files in DT, check if the agent has the right permissions to files. Otherwise I would set up a ticket in support.

Have a nice day!

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