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Dynatrace OneAgent Excessive Logging

Some of our servers that run Batch jobs and have the Dynatrace OneAgent on them are generating millions of Dynatrace Agent Logs due to the nature of cyclic batch work (process running, stopping, then running again).  Are there any debug flags or configuration changes that can be made to change the logging and/or log purging strategy for a Dynatrace OneAgent?




According to the documentation:

OneAgent aging mechanism rules

The OneAgent aging mechanism ensures that the disk space used by OneAgent is constantly within predefined limits. To do that, a number of rules are applied to OneAgent directories. If necessary, you can contact Dynatrace Support to modify some of the aging rules.


I worked with Dynatrace Support and they indicated that no log aging rules could be changed.  I was directed to create a question here so that an RFE for modifying log aging rules could be created.

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