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Dynatrace OneAgent Service Status | Stop | Start | Restart

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Hello - Is there a command to get the status of Dynatrace OneAgent on AIX servers?


Looking for the OneAgent service commands for AIX machines which can be used with configuration management tools like Puppet or Ansible to stop, start & get the status of OneAgent on AIX servers. Below commands are for Windows & Linux servers. Looking similar commands for AIX which can be used with the configuration management tools.  


Windows [PowerShell Command]:

OneAgent Service Status - Get-Service "Dynatrace OneAgent" | select name, displayname, status
OneAgent Service Start - net start "Dynatrace OneAgent"
OneAgent Service Stop - net stop "Dynatrace OneAgent"




OneAgent Service Status - systemctl status oneagent | service oneagent status
OneAgent Service Start - systemctl start oneagent | service oneagent start
OneAgent Service Stop - systemctl stop oneagent | service oneagent stop


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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @JDS the  oneagent service script for AIX is located in <INSTALL_PATH>/agent/initscripts/   I leave you the short link to the documentation. 

Hope it helps. 

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Thanks @DanielS. This was really helpful. 

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