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z/OS CPU metric




I would like to understand which CPU metric does Dynatrace get its values from, example RMF, SDSF etc for the z/OS CPU metrics?





DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @barryla , check if this help to answer your question:



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Dynatrace Promoter


SMF metrics are used for MSU consumption.
4HRA (4 hour rolling Average) and CPU utilization all come from IBM control blocks.

Hi Kevin

Thank you for the information:

I have a follow up question.


We are trying to correlate the Dynatrace CPU to the RMF System Information (SYSINFO) values and don't seem to see the same values. We also compared these values to the SDSF (DA Panel) which display the CPU information and not seeing the same values for CPU utilisation.


Would you be able to give more detail on how the information gets calculated.

Are you looking at process or host CPU time?   For either it is going to be hard to match up exactly because of the intervals.   The default interval for the zDC is 30 seconds.  For SDSF the interval is from hitting the enter key to hitting the enter key.  We use the IBM SDSF calculations you see here .   The cpu % can be a little off if jobs have went away or restarted during the interval.  Even IBM states the SDSF value is approximate. The CPU Time should be very accurate for that interval.  Hope this helps.  

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