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Dynatrace OneAgent on Domain Controllers

Has anyone installed the OneAgent on the domain controllers? We have an Apache Web Server ohs_component that is having an issue with random extended login times while calling the ADF.jsp for Oracle and this is making the LDAP calls. Our AD team is saying that they won't install the OneAgent on the servers and I would like to push back to management to have this completed if it provides additional details. I don't want to make the push if it will not provide any valuable information.

Thank you in advance.



Hi Michael.

As of today it is not possible to install OneAgent on Domain Controllers. There is a user creation conflict problem which we are working on. In the upcoming release of OneAgent v1.145 you will be able to install OneAgent on your Domain Controller with a reduced set of capabilities, namely it will not be possible to use any of the plugins (except for JMX). We are working on resolving this issue so please expect more updates in the future. The description of how to install OneAgent on Domain Controllers with a reduced set of capabilities will be shortly announced in the upcoming release notes.


Principal Product Manager @ Dynatrace

Thank you Bartosz G. I look forward to that release to provide some additional insights. We actually were working on another issue and because how the agent made it's SAMR request we identified an issue with some of our DCs in another domain. The newer release doesn't do this same process so we wouldn't of identified the issue since we don't have agents on them. Hoping the newer releases will provide insights like this.




Hello, I would like to know if there are any updates on this topic. Has anyone successfully installed the OneAgent on their domain controllers and what insight do they get with that information?


Hi everyone. A quick update from my side. As of OneAgent release 1.191 it is also possible to deploy OneAgent on Windows without a need to create a local user account and instead using local system or local service accounts. With local system account, the deployment is fully capable of running all the plugins as well. More details in this blog post:

This makes the deployment of OneAgent on Domain Controllers now possible without any limitations, and fully supported.

Principal Product Manager @ Dynatrace

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