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Dynatrace Oneagent installation server getting restarted


Hi Team,


Could you please help me out with the below issue?


We have installed Dynatrace oneagent on application server.  Then server has started restarting automatically.  Then, Agent was disabled and now everything is good.  


Our team, did some analysis and observed that dynatrace is reading log files and blocking (log monitoring is not enabled).   we are afraid, we will face the same issue if we enable agent again.  


Could you please let us know why oneagent installation is causing server restart and how to resolve it?


Thanks in advance.





Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

I would start by checking the OneAgent logs - located either in %PROGRAMDATA%\dynatrace\oneagent\log or /var/log/dynatrace/oneagent, depending on OS.

If it were me, I would first check the 'os' directory log files, in search of OneAgent log entries that might describe what the issue may be.


If you are unable to find any information as to the cause of this issue within the logs, then this may require a ticket with our Support Team to investigate further: 


ACE Consultant, Dynatrace Services
Dynatrace Certified Professional

Hi Ryan,


Thank you for the response.  We will check the log files and see if root cause is captured otherwise, we will raise support ticket as advised.




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