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Dynatrace not capturing Loadrunner request


Did anyone tried to track request triggered from loadrunner in Dynatrace? Request can't be seen in the user session but I could see those requests in purepath. we want to get details like user action response time, javascript errors and http errors and for all these we need loadrunner request to be capture.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Suraj,

If you haven't seen this already, please read the guide at

All backend requests are captured by the Dynatrace OneAgent and using request attributes you can easily identify any single test run and compare against previous runs.

However, for frontend performance (javascript errors, user action times, etc.) we require real browser to be running so that the JavaScript injected by the OneAgent can actually run, perform the tracking, and then send the data back to Dynatrace for analysis. Some browser automation tools are capable of this, but from what I understand LoadRunner works just with http requests without simulating a real browser.

Best regards,


My bad... We use performance center 12.20 to trigger traffic. I couldn't find any load tool recommendation in this link. Could you please confirm if Performance center also work like load runner?

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

From what I can see, they both work in the asme way.

Hi Radu, Could you share a new link once again? Our team is working on reasearching into dynatrace and loadrunner integration. We created a loadrunner script and ran it, but we don't where we can see the dynatrace result on dynatrace side?


HI @Suraj G.

my team just run a POC about. I confirm it's works. Simple use istruction.

If you want to see navigation you must simulate navigation (http). Seem to me you're stressing component only and not simulating navigation (if you don't see user actions) or web is not injected.

Hello @Domenico B.

Thank you for responding to my query, could you please let me which protocol you used while recording the script? Also did the headers helped you to capture frontend requests from browser end in Dynatrace?


Suraj Gupta

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