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Dynatrace on Solaris Server


Hi, we are installing dynatrace oneagent on our Solarix box. I know it's recommended to always go for Linux as as of now we are far away from moving to Linux so we are going ahead with installation on Solaris.

Can somebody tell me what will be the pros and cons of DT on Solaris so that I will be ready in case some issues occur?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I don't think of it as pros or cons. If Solaris is what you use, then Dynatrace supports it.

Be aware that the installation on Solaris only supports Java, Apache HTTP server and IBM HTTP Server (IHS). Installation of OneAgent for these technologies is manual, unlike other OneAgent supported platforms.

A complete list of what is supported on Solaris can be found in the doc:

OneAgent on Solaris does not collect certain infrastructure metrics such as Network/CPU metrics for all processes.

@Joseph M. H. Thanks Joseph for the quick response.

Out of this context I have one more query - I am trying to understand how oneagent gets installed and how it works? We only supply the below 2 parameters in script and restart the tomcat and out of the blue everything starts working but what i want to understand is how it does it internally like how this magic happens?

What does this library ( do as we supply it into LD_PRELOAD_64 environment variable.

export LD_PRELOAD_64

Just keep in mind that very likely the Dynatrace Oneagent for Solaris will not receive any new features such as full-stack monitoring, auto-update, plugins (except JMX which is supported) or log analytics.

Additionally, OneAgent SDK instrumented processes are also supported (SPARC only).

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Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

There's two pieces of the 'magic'.

Piece 1: LD_PRELOAD is a standard UNIX env variable which tells the process loader to load the specified library before it loads the main application being executed. In this case the main application is java runtime. So the OS loads the specified library before it loads Java runtime. This allows OneAgent to have a presence within the process creation event and affect how the process (Java) loads.

Piece 2: Once OneAgent is loaded into the process, it can then get involved in class loading events and thus instrument the necessary java classes as they're loaded into the JVM runtime.

With these two pieces of magic, OneAgent is able to instrument and collect the necessary data, all with the easiest of installations, simply defining LD_PRELOAD.

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

There are for sure Pros and Cons when it comes to Solaris. See this post...

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