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Dynatrace shows high Network IO time for App to DB interactions

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I have an application (in Kubernetes with One Agent - Full Stack Monitoring installed on the cluster) making calls to Database on a Virtual Machine (with One Agent - Infrastructure Monitoring). Dynatrace shows significant Network IO (10s to 20s) when calls to the database server.


Can someone please help me understand what this really means? Is it the time between the call being made, to the response received (this I would assume would be total response time)? OR is it simply the data transmission time between the Query on the database and the calling application? OR something else.


I need to figure-out where the bottleneck is followed by figuring out what to fix. But for now, as a first step, understanding what Network IO (in Dynatrace) means, would be of great help.




The service-analysis definitions are listed here:


(DT: Distributed traces, RT: Response time, SF: Service flow, MH: Method hotspots).

Network I/ODT

The time during which the code is actively waiting for native network functions (for example,

For response time analysis, the wait caused by child calls is not included.

Network I/O

MHPercentage of measured samples in which the method is actively waiting for native network functions.


I'd also suggest a look at the service flow for that service to see the response times from the database.

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