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Dynatrace status alerts and backtracing application connection from host


two questions, I wasn't sure which community board to choose, sorry if this is the wrong one I can move the post if needed


1. how do I sign up for dynatrace status alerts, meaning alerts for new outages and incidents posted to this page


2. within dynatrace I'm trying to display connections to a IIS app pool or service on a windows host, how I go about it in dynatrace is I search for the host, click on the processes, click on the process in question, then perform a backtrace, however dynatrace shows all connections to the service across all hosts that the same service runs on, not connections to that service on the specific host I'm trying to research.  how do I get the information I'm looking for? Further I'd like to see the number of request/sessions/connections per each client connecting to the host.



Hello, about point 2, if I got your question, you can filter by process instance when you're inside a service backtrace, see example below:



Community Team
Community Team

Hi @jrosenfeDT,

As for your first question, check out this blog post from @gerald_ about how to receive notifications about outages on your email:
Receive notification of outages in Dynatrace infrastructure via email 

If you have any questions about the Community, you can contact me at

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