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Eliminate numbers/unwanted text from the URL Path


Need assistance in order to eliminate numbers/unwanted text from the URL Path for


  • /t05-cash/_all/1006547899
  • /OpenDocument/2454564/AnalyticalReporting/webiDHTML/DownloadPDForXLS/we000sd32450000bd8dcad33c00/Audit.xls
  • /accountActivitiesLight/4545654/results


above URl’s to be listed as

  • /t05-cash/_all// - (t05 depends on environment to environment)
  • /OpenDocument//AnalyticalReporting/webiDHTML/DownloadPDForXLS//Audit.xls
  • /accountActivitiesLight//results


We have tried using clean up URL for a single service and is working fine, however in our scenario there are more than 100 services in one environment and we have 10 plus environment. Doing them individually is a challenge need something like global cleanup rule.

Other way which was suggested was using API-> /service/requestNaming

However I don't have idea how to use the API in order to meet the desired result. Could you please help with the JSON to do the needful.


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor


Have you attempted to use the API yet? If you have the rule configured on a single service properly it should be easy to figure out.

To start log into your tenant and click on your user icon and select "Configuration API":

Next scroll down to "Service - Request naming". We are going to submit a POST request which will create the new rule in the Dynatrace tenant. Make sure that once you have expanded the POST option you click the padlock icon and submit an API token that can write configurations:

After you have expanded the POST request option and added a correct API token you should hit "try it out". From here it will give you a sample JSON body that you can modify with the criteria you added to the single service:

Modify this JSON body to your needs using this document:

Once this works you should have the rule applied across the entire environment. I recommend testing this out in pre production first just in case you have any issues!

Let me know if you need more assistance on this!


Hi Dallas P,

Yes I am aware of the above. Point of raising the same was, I am facing issues while consuming the API. I don't want to mess up with the global configuration as I am having incomplete knowledge on the same.

Could you please help me with one of the json any one

  • /OpenDocument/2454564/AnalyticalReporting/webiDHTML/DownloadPDForXLS/we000sd32450000bd8dcad33c00/Audit.xls

Converting the above to

  • /OpenDocument//AnalyticalReporting/webiDHTML/DownloadPDForXLS//Audit.xls



@Dallas P. any suggestions on the same

Hi Winkle,

Apologies for the late response as I haven't been on the forum in a few days.

Could you please provide some examples that you have attempted in the non global scope? It would help because I do not have this request endpoint available to test on my environment.




Hi Team,

Could anyone can assist me over same ?

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