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End of special support for certain JavaScript frameworks

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

With 1.266, the support of Javascript frameworks has been limited to Angular, with all others disappearing (in )


Before, I had the impression that we should only enable direct XHR and fetch only in last resort. But now it is how it is supposed to be done.

Really have so many doubts here, but my main ones:

  1. What happened to old configurations? Seems that they were converted, but not certain.
  2. Why was this done? I suppose it's for the better?
  3. As direct XHR and fetch was bad before, why is it good now?
  4. As synthetics also use this, what is the impact there. Looked at
Antonio Sousa

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

great questions, hopefully we can press them to the Dynatrace Teams that made this call. 


Hi Antonio,

Good questions, I hope someone from Dynatrace can answer. Based on experience so far I think can answer the first one. The old configs are simply gone, and nothing is converted. You need to manually enable the generic XHR support for all of your apps.

After the upgrade to latest version of Managed, we even got Low Traffic alerts for the reason that XHR request volumes dropped to zero. Quite misleading, really... Those Problems were closed, once we enabled the generic XHR support and visibility to XHR calls came back.

Changes like this are a bit problematic, when something gets updated in the middle of the night and it changes your configuration. IMHO a better option would have been to keep the older version of the JS agent selected as default, and allow the user to handle this change in a controlled manner. This approach of "let's delete the configs for all apps and all Managed environments at once in the middle of the night" is not the way to go.

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


I'll try and answer these questions below.

  1. The old configuration is still there but for the older version of the JS Agent, so if you want to use the old configuration then you would have to select "latest IE supported" agent version. 
  2. This was done because these frameworks was desupported by the "vendors" long ago and to have modules for code that is no longer supported leads to overhead.
  3. In the past it was easier to use the API's of these frameworks rather than wrapping the XHR, but now we have made significant improvements to the XHR and Fetch so that there is no side-effects of using it.
  4. The impact for synthetic will be the same as for RUM, and since we made the XHR and Fetch module a lot better and stable the dedicated modules are not needed for most of the frameworks. There are some like IceFaces where we will get less visibility but since it's outdated it doesn't make sense to continue to support the monitoring of it. And for synthetic you can use the "latest supported IE" agent as explained here: 

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