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Exception Class and Error Message

Dynatrace Participant
Dynatrace Participant

Hi Team,

In two different  Web Request Services both working on the same service Technology Node js we are observing a slight change in Exception Class and Error Message as we cannot find the Exceptional Class and Method in One of the Requests but both have the same error code 404. PFA Snap Shots.  Can Anyone Please help me to understand it why this is happening? 


Vikas_g1997_0-1681247642824.pngValuefy 3.png



DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @Vikas_g1997,

based on the screenshots, I think the difference here is related to the servers side and client side,
the exception class and message in the first request retrieved from the servers side
the second request has no server-side error and only client-side.

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Hi @Vikas_g1997 

I believe @Mohamed_Hamdy  is right in his guess.
Exception (causing 404) is thrown on ServerSide of communication (clearly UrL have context only)
While this error (404) is provided to client side informing that somethin went wrong (data not found), but exception is not so Client side is unaware of the reason (BTW 404 is self-explanatory, so not needed).
It seems that other Screen is from Client side as it have full path to reach Server (with protocol, domain and path). It is possible that exception was returned to client as a body text (pretty common)

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