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Export the data from a multi-analysis view to excel


Hi all,


maybe it's a stupid question but, is there an easy way to export the data from a multi-analysis view to excel?

Regards, Josep Maria


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @jcamps 


No way to export directly data to Excel,


But you can use API to get data in json format (or csv for certain case) and convert to excel if you want.


We are using this method.


Have a good day.


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Hi @Malaik ,


and with the API how can I get the information from a multi-analysis view? For one fixed service we want the median, percentile 90, avg and sum splitted by all the request names...


do you have some API call example showing how to do this?


With this call:




we get all the data for a global service but not splitted by request...


Regards! Josep Maria

A short answer is - you cannot do that in general. MDA has much stronger options and is calculated on the flight from service request data.

Some "simpler" MDA filters such as request count without splitting on the dimension of course match some of the built-in metrics and you can request them.

I really wish there would be an MDA API. There is already an RFE for it.

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DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @jcamps


I dont have an exact example


but I think you can use /metrics/query in the API V2


Or for this specific case, I proceed like this.


I create 2 metrics (for avg and sum, but unfortunately not available for median and percentile)
After that I call a API for those metrics.


Or just specify the service in the entity selector with the aggregation...

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@jcamps  I might have a solution to this, but I don't like it myself 😄

Let's assume you have Notepad++ [we will use this knowledge kindly provided by the internet]

Let's say that you ctrl+C, from the word "Dimensions" on the screen you shared to the bottom of the page:


Let's say that you ctrl+V the copy content in a notepad++ page. Here you manually remove the line where you find "Actions":




Now, while on notepad++, blindly press ctrl+H (Find and Replace) and insert the following:

  • Find what: (?:[^\r\n]+\R){3}
  • Replace with: $0\n

and click on "replace all" > this will add a white line after each group of 3 line.


and now proceed again by filling the "find and replace" form with those value:

  • Find what: (\R)(?!\R)|(\R\R)
  • Replace with: (?1|:\n)

and press on "replace all" > this will separate your data correctly in column divided by |

The end result will look like this:







Now your data look good enough to  be in an excel sheet (where you can use this function to divide the data into columns); for example:



Wrapping up: this solution is horrible but is also why it kinda make me smile 🙂 it's not the easy way, but it gets the data into our beloved excel.




Hi   @y_buccellato ,


this owful solution is now my solution too 😞


Regards! Josep Maria


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @y_buccellato 

Th second action didnt make anything for me

  • Find what: (\R)(?!\R)|(\R\R)
  • Replace with: (?1|:\n)

I will check more.

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Remember to Check the "Regular Expression" field when you are in the Replade window!


Asta la vista


could you please help me to write the automation for this 

we will do all the function in single click 

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


Probably what you need for this scenario is to create a metric with those conditions ( and after the metric is created you will be able to char, alert and pull that data.

Adding to rodrigo's suggestion, 

When you plot the same on to Dashboards, if you have dashboard powerups extension, you can directly export the data to excel. 


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Looks like Grafana and Kibana graphical tile 😄 very good job.

Still doesn't cover the multidimensional use case that our beloved community member was asking 🙂

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Dynatrace Leader

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Please use the related product idea to vote: 


EDIT/UPDATE: export to CSV is planned for Multidimensional analysis for services ;). 

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