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Failure rate of requests sent by monitored services

Hello all!

So my question is: I saw that when I'm looking on a service, in the "Failure Rate" tab, we see a certain image, but under it I see a different image, under "Failure rate of requests sent by monitored services".

I tried to read about it but didn't understand the meaning of that:



Consequently, you can now track the failure rate of a service along with the calls to the service, assuming the service is monitored by Dynatrace (see the Failure rate of requests sent by monitored services chart example below).

Any chance that someone can explain what is presented in this feature?

Thank you!!





Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


as far as I understand, in the "failure rate" chart on top you see all failed calls within your service (we call this serverside). These failures you can fix within your service.

The "Failure rate of requests sent by monitored services" chart below shows you all calls to your service that failed on the callee side (client-side), so for example a timeout. These failures can only be fixed in the calling services usually.



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