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Feeling overwhelmed


Am I the only one that feels overwhelmed?

I have been using and implementing Dynatrace for over 4 years, deploying agents, and dashboards, developing extensions, and integrating with many tools, always relying on intuitive and easy-to-understand features. However, recently I have felt lost.

I understand the need for transformation and adaptation to remain a leading tool in all areas, which is perfect. Sometimes it is necessary to step out of the comfort zone and break the mold, even if it seems challenging or difficult. However, comprehensive documentation usually mitigates the impact of such changes.

My current feelings are:

  • I am unable to find sufficient documentation to perform even the simplest tasks with the new tools (e.g., creating dashboards with predefine titles, and specific Grail queries in notebooks I suppose that chatdql will help here but until it comes,  ).
  • Things have become less intuitive and less practical over time (e.g., handling tags, name of metrics, use of the API).
  • While combining multiple changes at once can be beneficial, it should be accompanied by a clear guide (DQL is excellent, but I struggle to fully utilize all its functions due to the lack of examples. For instance, extracting information like fetch time-series bizevents from the tenant is mentioned, but if I want to view management zones, I need to resort to the API, despite the ability to view management zones in hosts, I just try to do something with the SLOs and other "metrics" but still doesn't exist in DQL ).
  • Despite searching, I have been unable to find colleagues who are dealing with similar challenges or trying to learn in something like chat groups (discord, slack)
  • something so simple as the version of the tenant was easy to see and copy now I have to query on notebook 

maybe I am missing something, maybe I am misinterpreting at this moment I don't know.

I apologize if this is not the appropriate place to post this and if that's the case, I would appreciate it if it could be deleted. However, I didn't know where else to discuss it.

fuelled by coffee and curiosity.

Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast


thank you for this in-depth summary, we really appreciate this feedback. While most of the points you mentioned are being known and some even addressed already, I would like to understand some points better to ensure I can triage the feedback accordingly.

  • You mentioned things becoming less practical over time, e.g. use of the API. Could you please elaborate a bit more on this and tell us what you struggle with and what you expect?
  • To your point, “Despite searching, I have been unable to find colleagues who are dealing with similar challenges or trying to learn in something like chat groups (discord, slack)” - what is it, exactly, that you're looking for and how would you expect / which Dynatrace to help better with this?

Once again - thank you for telling us your feelings, this feedback can help us to improve our platform. If you want to, we can also set up a quick call to discuss your topics.



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