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Filtering services by datacenter

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I am trying to separate services by which datacenter they are running in.     To accomplish this, I created tagging rules that tag all of our process groups and services with the name of the datacenter they are running in and then in multidimensional analysis (or via the api)  I filtered by the request and the tags,  but those tag filters seem to have no effect on the query.     What am I doing wrong here and how can I accomplish what I'm trying to do?   Thanks!


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So I'm realizing now that this approach doesn't work because the processes being grouped into process groups and the services being merged results in process groups and services showing multiple location tags.     What is the right way to do this?    I'd like to be able to query from the API services volumes and response times split by the datacenter they are running in.   This sounded doable but I'm so far not able to accomplish this.


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Dynatrace Champion


I think you could use MDA to view this information. You could use {Service:instance} as a dimension, so you can chart the response time by instance.
If each instance is running in different datacenters, that will work.

Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 12.30.31 PM.png

But if you have multiple instances running on the same datacenter probably you will need to create multiple MDAs filtering by the instances for each datacenter.

Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 4.57.11 PM.png

If you need to extract this type of data using the API, then you will need to create a custom metric ( )


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Thank you,  I think this will work for me!

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