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Fix my GC and Memory Saturation Problem


Hello everyone!

we have a problem documented as:

Process IIS app pool namehere

Long garbage-collection time

Garbage collection is suspending process IIS app pool namehere on host hostnamehere

Root cause: ESXi Host namehere

Memory saturation

Memory is swapped in at a rate of 6.4 MB/sec

Host nameheretoo

Memory saturation

Memory is swapped in at a rate of 6.3 MB/sec

---now my cuestions: how we can fix this? what else can we do now that we have dynatrace pointing this type of trouble? our developer ask about HOW TO FIX IT? saying if this is an IIS tweaking thing?

what else can we do to help this type of problem be fixed or proactively fixed?

tyvm in advance for your concern



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Robert P. we had the same issue, we had to work with the dev team to figure out the sweet spot for the garbage collection, how often it runs, the max load before it runs and the duration, Its alot like CPU wait time with VMware, You want to find that sweet spot where you have enough CPUs for the host but dont have too much where it is waiting for CPU to become available


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