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Fullstack Monitoring on Hybrid Environment


Hello all,


I'm currently having environment with topology like this:

Front-end App server (EC2) -> AWS Network Load Balancer (NLB) -> Backend Server (VMWare On-Premise)


So I used AWS NLB provided rule to forward my app traffic to on-premise server.


After I deployed OneAgent in Front-end server and Back-end server I couldn't see connection between them.


Is there any rule or header that I could apply on my AWS Load Balancer so the service flow can be detected?
Or actually by enabling fullstack monitoring on both server are enough?

Thank you


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Are you using Infrastructure mode? If that is the case, it is normal that you don't see requests between them.

Antonio Sousa

Yap after I re-check, server on my on-premise environment still on Infra Only mode. Will try to enable the full-stack monitoring mode.


So actually there is no problem regarding the AWS Load Balancer?

There are no problems with any kind of proxies\balancers\web server - balancers if they are not block headers. 

If you have some balancers \ proxy which block or delete \ modify header x-dynatrace - there will no correct serviceflow. From Documentation you need only header x-dynatrace, other headers related to RUM\UEM.

I agree with Antonio - problem is related that agents are not in full stack mode. Front web-servers not instrumented. Change monitoring mode, restart frontend process and you will see correct service flow.



Romanenkov Alex


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