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Generate a report that contains OS versions


I'm keen to know if there's a way to generate a report that includes operating system version for a specific operating system in Dynatrace?

At present, using hosts page/API, I can segregate them based on OS but not OS version.

Any tips would be helpful.




DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hello @SrikanthSamraj,

if you are using API v2 you can use, entities API, and below are samples:

Sample 1:

/api/v2/entities?entitySelector=type(host),osVersion("Windows Server 2016 Standard ver. ")&fields=+properties.osType,+properties.osVersion,+properties.monitoringMode

Sample 2:



you can adjust the fields based on your requirements for which info you need to export

Best Regards,


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Thanks for the response @Mohamed_Hamdy  I wish if this option of looking out for osVersion is included in /api/v1/oneagents..


Hey @SrikanthSamraj ,
If you're still looking for a way out and you are on the latest version of Dynatrace SaaS and Grail enabled, you can build up a query like this.

| fieldsAdd osType,osVersion
| filter osVersion == "Oracle Linux Server 7.9 (kernel 3.10.0-1160."

edit the filter to suit your needs.
Happy querying.😉


Thanks much @Maheedhar_T. I'm yet to get my access enabled to use the latest version of Dynatrace SaaS with Grail enabled.

@Maheedhar_T - I've got access to latest Dynatrace and Grail, when I run query a like below it did generate result as expected but it is limited to just 1000 rows. Any ways to get result for entire hosts?


| fieldsAdd entity.type, lifetime, tags, osType, hypervisorType, state, cpuCores, memoryTotal, oneAgentCustomHostName, dnsNames, ipAddress, osVersion, installerVersion, osArchitecture, bitness, osServices, paasVendorType, cloudType, networkZone, monitoringMode, standalone, autoInjection, installerPotentialProblem, logicalCpus, physicalMemory, customHostMetadata, additionalSystemInfo, logicalCpuCores, virtualCpus, isMonitoringCandidate
| filter osType == "AIX"

Hi @SrikanthSamraj ,
You can increase the limit by providing 

| limit 100000

at the end of the DQL but based on the number of hosts you are trying to fetch it may crash the query.

I suggest you use the same DQL in a workflow to get better output.


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