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Golang + Request Attributes on request to Public Networks


We have Golang k8s services making requests to public networks and we'd like to expose some http request headers as Request Attributes on the public network service (they have been made top level services).  This works for our Node k8s services, but not our Golang.  Upon attempting to create the Request Attributes, there is a warning message "Only works for Java, DotNet, and NodeJS based technologies".  Anyone know what the reasoning is for this?  Why not Golang or other technologies?


Is there a way to get around this so we can surface these values as Request Attributes?




Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Status: Accepted


@eric_miles we will add the ability to capture request/response headers on outgoing web requests and make them available via the request attribute source

That's great news!  Any idea of timetable for this inclusion?  Weeks, month, multiple months?

Hi @eric_miles , it will take rather multiple months. We will provide more feedback once we have a target release.

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

@_Alexander_ did this ever make it?

Certified Dynatrace Master, Dynatrace Partner -

@r_weber unfortunately not as requested for with this question. With Grail and the new Dynatrace Platform, we will enable users to interact with telemetry data in a completely different way. In connection with this, the concept of request attributes is being reconsidered, but the final concept is not yet ready.

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