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Host/Desktop Monitoring using Oneagent



We are contemplating using Dynatrace to monitor a desktop machine performance using Dynatrace. The desktop machines are used by employees (several thousand). Most desktop machines are running Windows 10 and come installed with software such as MS Outlook, MS Office, IE, Chrome etc.

The key metrics of interest will be disk, network and memory performance. Does it make sense to use Dynatrace to monitoring these essential but small set of metrics? Additionally, should OneAgent be configured in any special mode to monitor the performance of host metrics?

Please note that the desktop machines run some thick client applications (say 30% of them will have thick client installations). Will OneAgent by default start to monitor the performance of these thick client applications also?


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hey Sharad,

I can't say that I am familiar with deploying OneAgents across thousands of desktops, but I think the easiest way to test it would be to set up a free trial and then check out the metrics/alerts you are interested on a small subset of machines. You can sign up for a free trial by going to and clicking on the free trial button the top left.

You would most likely want to install the agent as Cloud infrastructure mode. Below is the documentation page to do so:



Hi Dallas,

Our team has been using OneAgent on virtual machines to instrument Java applications and we're getting great insights.

In our setup installation of a trial version has a long lead time (requires spare lab machines and some approvals) and hence I opted to post this question to the forum.

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Sharad Y. We deployed this within our organization on end user PC's for issue detection and tracking. Granted yes it is very costly to monitor end user PC's so we did this on a case by case basis. We had multiple issues where the help desk was stumbling for weeks trying to resolve and issue, @Andreas G. did a great write up on these use cases. they can be viewed here: Crashing IBM Notes: Auto-Root Cause Detection with Dynatrace at NYCM / Monitoring Windows Workstations with Dynatrace: An IT Helpdesk Case Study

That article also covers tips and tricks to deploy the Oneagent.


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