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Host Unit Overages


Hi All,

I have couple of queries regarding Host Units overages in Dynatrace SaaS. Please refer the attached snip for following queries:

1. I want to understand what is the difference between 'Your used quota' (in Blue) and 'Your Consumed Overage' (in Yellow).

2. What does 'flexible overage' means and how we can configure the flexible overage in Dynatrace SaaS. 

3. Is there a way to see exactly how many Host Units overages are/being consumed and where we can see them.

4. What is the policy for overages. If user exceeds the overage, is there a grace period or user need to pay for every overage occurrence in a year. 

Thanks in advance.




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @Nandini_123 attached you can find the link to the explanation about overages. My suggestion is that you contact your Dynatrace vendor, because this is a recommend practice for trials or exceptional needs, but when you understand your consuption, you should switch to have your needed host units.

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