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Host's are grouped in Dynatrace?

hi All,

We have three instances of Hybris ( 22.11.x.xx, 22.12.x.xx & 22.13.x.xx) however Dynatrace seems to group them all to the same host, and showing it as only one in the host view (we expect to see 3, like as unique hosts). The same issue is appearing for Webservers as well, and can be seen in the host view if you expand details, then you see they will have multiple IPs.

Are we missing something here?






One agent is installed on a host and see all services and processes running on that particular host.

So, it is possible you have all your three instances are on the same host. For instance, in the host view, you only see virtual machine on which your applications instances are running.

You can check out the service&transaction built-in dashboard to look for your different instances.

Best Regards,

Fousseyni B.

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