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Hostgroup to be Picked up After Reinstall like host properties


Just wondering if this is by design and if so does anyone know of an RFE for this. When you uninstall the agent, config files are kept from the agent that contains things such as the host properties that you had added via the oneagentctl command --set-host-properties. This files default location is /var/lib/dynatrace/oneagent/agent/config/hostcustomproperties.conf for Linux.


When you do a reinstall you can do the bare bones install and not pass any host properties (--set-host-properties) and the agent will pick them up automatically from the file above which does save some effort. However, the hostgroup is not picked up automatically which leads to having to get the host group value and passing it in the agent install via something like --set-host-group=xyz.


Is this expected behavior? If so is there an RFE already out there to have the agent install tweaked a little to automatically pull in the hostgroup if it is in a config file?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

yes that is correct, you can also se the Host Group via the oneagent CTL. Typically you would set it at time of install. I would be curious as to why you are uninstalling the agent, just to reinstall it? 


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion


Without knowing the customer, if this is a new installation, one of the first immediate responses to "I have a problem in my system. what's changed?" is a decision to uninstall Dynatrace (not even deactivating it) without really knowing what is the real cause. I guess this is a possible scenario.

Hi Chad, I would agree with gilgi. We have had some issues with applications and some of our teams want to immediately uninstall the agent to rule that out. It is often out of our hands and we cannot tell them no we can't do that. This RFE in my mind would be simple to implement being the hostgroup is logged in a file and you already seem to be reading it to get host properties

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