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How One Agent sends data to Saas tenants




A user is using Dynatrace with a Saas tenant.

For security reasons, users need to register the Saas tenant IP address in the firewall include list in advance.


So I have two questions.


① Register the IP address assigned at the time of Saas tenant deployment in the include list.

Is the IP address added or changed later?


②If an IP address is added to the Saas tenant and the added IP address is not in the firewall include list, will data transmission from One Agent to the Saas tenant be blocked?

Or will data transmission continue using IP addresses that have been included in advance?


I want to know how One Agent sends data to the Saas tenant.


Best regards


Ryo Teraoka


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

In general IP of SaaS tenant shouldn't be changed over time. OneAgent's are just sending POST requests on port 443 to tenant with collected data. You can use Environment ActiveGate to send data to tenant with single channel. In such case agents will send data to AG, and AG will send to tenant. You will have easier talk with security.


Regards, Sebastian

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