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How to disable oneagent network monitoring only on windows


Hi we have an issue with oneagenton windows server and we have been asking to disable only the network monitoring part of the agent, how can we do this?

TYVM for your concerns.,



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Robert P. We had an issue where we could not see the network data.. Currently you can exclude network rules in the settings of the host, or you can also disable the WinPcap and that will prevent the network data.

In our case WINPcap was disabled so we were not getting any network metrics on a select few hosts.


I agree with this. I think your best option is to disable wincap. If you go this route you should first perhaps disable network traffic monitoring (Settings->Monitoring->Monitored technologies->Network traffic switch off), disable autoupdates (because winpcap will be installed again) and then uninstall winpcap.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Indeed, you have to disable wincap on OS level and network data will not be collected. But I don't know any supported way to make it work like that.


Regards, Sebastian

That would depend on the onboarding process at each organization, they could build it into their vm's so winPcap is disabled. Or they can do it via the settings of the oneagent, which im sure you could configure at install rather then after the fact.


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