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How can I Aggregate request/response data across all Spring MVC controllers on a single tomcat application?


At some point it became impossible for me to aggregate all requests and responses that are flowing into a tomcat application server. I now see a service per spring MVC controller. I love that they automatically detect the different spring MVC controllers and break out the request/response reporting; however, I am no longer able to see an aggregate view of all requests flowing through my tomcat application. Anyone know how I can get Dynatrace configured to collect request/response metrics at the tomcat application level vs the Spring MVC controller breakout level? we run tomcat behind an apache http server over AJP protocol (mod_jk).




Some more details. We are on managed Dynatrace. We run a single application on our tomcat instance and that application uses Spring MVC controllers. When we first started using dynatrace last year early 2018 the request/response tracking came in at the tomcat level and all requests to all Spring controllers were under a single service in the transactions and services area of the tool. This allowed us to quickly review overall tomcat app response for all requests going into the tomcat. All of the sudden in late spring of 2018 we started seeing the breakout of this tomcat application into a service per Spring MVC controller. This is a good feature; however, now we are no longer able to get that aggregate view of all requests across all all Spring controllers on the tomcat within our one deployed application. This basically renders Dynatrace unusable for monitoring the overall health of the collective services on the tomcat.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Go to Diagnostic Tool => Top Web Request. Use filters to see only those you are inteterested in. After this you will see full scope of requests on your tomcat 🙂

You can use URL filter or proxied by to see only those from specific tomcat instance.


Regards, Sebastian


Is there a way to turn off the feature that breaks out each controller in a spring boot app?

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