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How can I capture soapxml in request attribute?


I have soap XML format data which is a request from my application to the third party for payment purpose.I have the class and method information which forwards that request to other party. I am only interested to capture 1 parameter from the envelope (the one which is in bold).Please guide me what data type and Request attribute source I need to select to capture the interested field.

For example :

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
<soapenv:Body xmlns:ns1="">


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

A short answer is - it cannot be done directly. Dynatrace does not have any options to capture HTTP POST Payload, parse it and extract data.

However, depending on your application, it is possible to capture the parameter by capturing it in the code where this gets processed. That can be done either by using capturing of Java/NET method parameters or return values. But you need to find the right class / method where this information is processed in your application code. The fastest way is to find this is to ask the developers of the application.

See here for details how to set up capturing of request attributes on method arguments:

Alternatively, if you can incorporate OneAgent SDK in the application, you can send the data from your code directly. But would require changes to your application code.

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