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Is there a way to install OneAgent without starting monitoring



Is there a way to install OneAgent (via a command line) and not start the monitoring automatically?

The idea is to deploy the OneAgent on multiple servers and start the monitoring through the Dynatrace UI manually afterwards.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Gilles, Can you explain the use case on why you don't want monitoring to start automatically? That might help best explain how to accomplish your goals.


This is not currently available. What is the value/benefit of doing it this way rather than have monitoring enabled right away?

Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

There is not an option for this default behavior. After OneAgent deployment you can either locally shutdown the OneAgent process, or, you can go into the Dynatrace Platform GUI and turn it off via radio-button.



Thanks for your answers.

The idea is to deploy the agent on all of our customer production servers at once but activate the monitoring manually and progressively in order to check that everything is OK by group of servers/applications. The goal is to avoid a big impact on production environments if there was an issue.

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

This is a request that I've had recently too, where we're wanting to install all of our agents in a "disabled" mode, then enable them a few at a time as we activate and test each application.

This would allow us to do an environment-wide roll-out without any risk of impacting applications (and/or allowing us to build it into the SOE), to automate activation (which is simpler to do as a change than installation) and automated environment promotion.


We could make use of this functionality as well. We'd potentially like to include the OneAgent software into our Windows builds, but we'd only need to collect data from a relatively small percentage of devices throughout the enterprise. This would give us the ability to enable the OneAgent software quickly if the need arises without having to install the software since it would already be installed while keeping host unit licenses utilized at a minimum.

Hi Mike,

I would suggest creating a product idea and describing your use case there.
You can do it on this sub-forum:



Hello - if you are using a deployment/automation tool to install the agent, you could run a closing command at the end to stop (or even disable) the windows service, or from chkconfig?

Hi Ben. Yes, I have considered that option but the problem there is that it could cause a spike in our license count immediately after installation. There is also the possibility that the command that is executed after the install fails to stop and disable the service.


We also want to be able to do this. As someone else said, we have a build process that includes OneAgent but we don't want to enable it as we don't want to consume host units. This will help increase the use of the product throughout the enterprise. We can then decide when or if we want to enable it for either infrastructure or full stack monitoring.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

There is option right now. After installation of OneAgent you can use this endpoint:

In general agent after connection will start consume licenses after 5 minutes (as I remember). In such case you have some time between installation and monitoring disabling.


Regards, Sebastian

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